Friday, March 12, 2010

Fighting Thru the Bureaucracy

It really is Friday. A nice sunny day here. Soak up the chi, drink some lemonade. And stay away from Bernanke and Geithner.

How are your symptoms? Are you getting the help you need? We're trying our global sources to see if there's something else that we can add to our holistic routine. And it seems that literally there's nothing else.

All therapists worldwide have some restrictions they have to deal with. Yet, we're really trying to stay away from the anger and frustration of feeling ignored. You don't want to admit that we exist. Yet, we're supposed to get help.

How to cope with this? Set boundaries. Stay away from all triggers as much as possible. Cover your tracks online. And if you have to, leave a situation. It may not be worth it to give others there an in-depth seminar on the effects of PTSD.

The other tip of the day? Get a Skype number. From what our sources are saying, it's a great tool. Especially for trauma survivors on hold fighting the bureaucracy.

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