Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's Real and What's Not? (Contains Graphic Content)

Onto new applications and more on a nice sunny day. But also, we're still having lots of dissociating and violent flashbacks.

Sometimes, do you have trouble knowing what's real and what's not? Do you get stuck sometimes in flashbacks and have to fight your way out of it? How do you cope when flashbacks happen at the worst times?

What keeps you from passing out from exhaustion as you fight back? How is your setting boundaries going?

We're really sticking to boundaries and protecting ourselves. Does someone else really need our contact information? Why do you need this? Do they really need to know about being a trauma survivor? There's nothing worse than someone saying, go ahead. Tell me about it and you'll feel better. Then you do and they say, why the hell are you telling me this? It's the words and the body language. And then you think, what's the point of EVER talking about this to ANYONE?

We still have to edit all the time. Triggers come out of nowhere. And then if they do, how do you look cool and calm on the outside when you think you're going to snap on the inside?

Do you ever feel like going on a rampage and killing all the assholes that laughed at you and treated you like shit when you were literally screaming for help? How do you cope with the nightmares (that still happen to us)?

Post your thoughts. Or email to ptsdsurvival at gmail.com.

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