Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Screaming to be Heard

Finally there's a sense of balance. We still have to fight to wake up and not dissociate in the morning. Several sources that we trust keep saying that it's trauma flooding out. Which is true.

Yet, overall it's still really debilitating:

You try to go to bed early. And you wake up every two hours. Then, you can't go back to sleep and it's 3 a.m. What do you do then?

You feel like you're getting assaulted with stimulus. And you're this close to blacking out (sometimes while driving). How do you not black out? If you do, what happens when you come to and you don't know what's happened? How do you explain that to others who might be screaming at you?

We're still going to apply for the local universal health care. In many ways it's like the NHS in the U.K. At this point, we'd be shocked if the govt. did pass a health care bill this year.

It won't happen for several reasons. (And if you know all of these already, please don't smash your laptop or desktop as you read these):

The necons literally live for blocking every single thing that Obama tries to do.

The Democrats first say they need 60 votes to pass something. Now, magically it's gone down to 51. If you only need 51, then why didn't you use this "extremely complicated process" earlier?

Because both are as always exploiting the other. The necons are filibustering right now. And look at the ramifications. No unemployment benefits or COBRA coverage (short term health coverage for our intl. readers). Medicare payments are being stopped. Infrastructure is being affected. All because some neocons think that "unemployment benefits encourage people to be lazy and not find a job."

Does this also mean that since you have universal health care this encourages you to get the best care money can buy for every insignificant health problem that comes up?

And as usual, the real answer to this is cutting into money and power. If you cut into the power elite's profit, then this in turn will affect their power. The States is a mostly consumer driven society. Some pundits are saying screw marching in the streets. People are too damn busy fighting to survive.

Ok. Then as you do that, everybody cut way back on your spending. This is perfectly legal and can be done 24/7. Anywhere without fear of the cops hauling your ass off to jail. What are they gonna bust you for? Spending too LITTLE on your credit cards?

Why won't people do this? We don't know. And at this point, if we wrote a book about it, odds are many publishers would say, it's been done already and hang up.

From a trauma survivor's perspective, how do you cope with this? Compartmentalize and then take it in segments.

Back to the job hunting.

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