Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Delicate Balance

Time to catch up online.

Are you feeling as bombarded as we are? You try to look at stuff online. And you literally feel like there's no point because you're the ONLY one that sees the whole picture. And do we really need to see the usual racist posts about Obama? No thanks.

Focusing righ now is a real challenge. We're trying a new approach. No tomato-based foods or drinks. More water to try and have a better acid/akaline balance. Imagine trying to focus non-stop all day long. Now stretch that over a really long time. We're staying off stimulants as much as possible. We still do the other holistic stuff as well. And yet, we feel like we have to fight all day long to not black out.

There's nothing medically wrong. All the sources who we trust say the same thing: it's trauma flooding out. And not one specific thing. This leads to really exhausting and debilitating days.

We put in our universal health care application. It takes three weeks and then we'll see. At this point, no commercial coverage firm knows that we have PTSD. If it comes to applying with them, there's a very high chance that we could be uninsurable (unless we luck out and get into a corporate group policy).

Opportunites are still coming up to speak out on a broad intl. platform. But unless we absolutely have to, we won't. There's no point in outing ourselves and then potenitally being denied health care because of something that's not our fault.

If we did have to emigrate, many parts of Europe and Asia have great universal care. Does the anti-single payer lobby realize that many people in the States are online? And, that they're getting much of their information from abroad? Apparently not.

A source in Paris says if you're on a work visa, no problem in getting coverage. Private is available. It's just more complicated if you're self-employed.

Do we still have crippling despair at times? Yes. On the other hand, we refuse to give in and give them the satisfaction.

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