Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sometimes This Stuff Writes Itself (contains graphic content)


The number of US female soldiers sexually assaulted by their male counterparts and superiors in Iraq and Afghanistan has jumped by 25%, official US data shows.

According to the latest Pentagon figures over 3,700 women were sexually assaulted in year 2009, which is close to a third of US female veteran population.

This is while the Pentagon estimates that 80 to 90 percent of rapes don't get reported for fear of retaliation.

The Defense Task Force meanwhile found that only 8% of those military rape charges that have been reported result in prosecution, and astonishingly, about 80% of those who do get convicted are honorably discharged from the army.

"There are a few serial rapists over there who get away with it, because of the way the military law is set up," Lori Manning from Women's Research and Educational Institute told Press TV.

Some women who join the military to help fight in Iraq and Afghanistan say they are more likely to be raped by a fellow American soldier than getting killed by enemy fire.

What percentage of rape suvivors in the military are guys?

Some women survivors say they have no recourse against their attackers. What about the guys?

The suicide rate in the military is the highest it's ever been. How many of these are rape survivors (both women and men)?

If Obama really cares about vets like he SAYS he does, why this stupid double standard?

How come much of the progressive media NEVER talks about guy survivors?

If a guy survivor comes forward to press charges, will he be dishonorably discharged?

What if a rape survivor is attacked and killed. And then it's disclosed that they were gay or lesbian? Would anybody pay attention?

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