Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FAQ #1

Greetings to our global audience (now in around 13 countries). Thanks for the continued support.

We were on the phone all day trying to find out if we can get victim compensation. Here in the States, each one has a victim compensation program. The usual statute of limitations is three years. In some cases, you can get an extension. But in our case, so far almost no one is calling back.

If we do pursue this, it means a police report. Also, a possible trip to where much of this took place, testifying/facing one psycho who did this, and more. The down side: if we did do this, it becomes public. And if we don't get universal care, we could be denied by every commercial health care firm (unless we got into a group plan).

Diet is a real key part of healing right now. At times we have to fight to focus. It's not the usual just getting tired. It's literally having to focus to not snap.

Have you tesitfied against those who raped you? If yes, was it worth it? Post your thoughts if you want.

Now time for a short FAQ:

Is this a totally anonymous blog?: Yes it is. We keep no database of names, numbers and more on those who check us out.

What's the best way to protect myself online?: Basically, think like a hacker. Leave no obvious trail as you post. Mix up your user names as much as possible.

Why don't you go public?: There's no reason to. We've done a few radio interviews re: being a guy survivor. But in many cases it was naturally exploited for ratings. And nobody cared.

Which means selective activism. Take sections of something and work on those. Odds are us going public won't change the global taboo about being a guy survivor. Instead, we're creating our own network to get the word out. And, unfortunately much of the progressive media has the same attitude as the MSM. They just can't be bothered to deal with the fact that guys do get raped.

You could be pissed off about that 24/7. But what good does that do? Instead, say fine. I'll go in a different direction. And concentrate on that.

For many survivors, at times you have to face hard realities and make a choice. In our case, almost everyone who we thought would care and try to help us didn't. And they never will.

This means you either stay in a disfunctional system. Or, you go in a positive direction. And that's what we did.

Will I have to pay for content here?: Absolutely not. Odds are Murdoch, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates won't be offering to buy us out. And even if they did, we'd never agree. Because if we did, it's literally what the hell's the point of continuing something with people who have no clue about it? You can't outsource trauma (hope that makes sense).

Enough already.

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