Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turn It All Off(contains graphic content)

Sitting here enjoying our iced tea before going back to the applications.

Right now, no noise. No Blackberry and no news whatsoever. It's way too violent and triggering. Instead, we're focusing on balance. In the diet, exercise. And in paying attention to the effects that different things have on you.

Part of it is keeping your I-can-singlehandedly-save-the-world impulse in perspective. Protection comes first. Then, focus on a section of something that's not a threat. You care. But more importantly you care about your protection first.

For now, we've hit a wall regarding extra help with symptoms. Most people are telling us stuff that we already know. One person still hasn't rung back. And, some areas (like the role of diet in treating PTSD) nobody has any clue about. We would sit and write our future bestseller on this. But without an advance that doesn't pay the bills.

At times, why are we still getting bombarded with billions of images, sights, sounds and body memory all flooding out? Not always, but at times you feel like you're this close to snapping and turning psycotic (for lack of a better phrase). Most mental health support here is geared towards battered women. Almost none of it is for guy rape survivors.

We're still waiting on the universal health care. In the meantime, we can't afford to go to a live therapist. Which means we have to continue with our network of help lines, sites and others for continuity.

How do you protect yourself? Do you have national health care in your area? Does anyone not believe you when you talk about symptoms? Do you still have nightmares where it feels like the whole world is beating you down into the ground?

Thanks for the support. And we hope you feel safe enough to post a comment here. As the map tells you, our audience is worldwide. But, we have no secret database on anyone. The map is only there to hopefully add to the overall look of the blog.

In a good sense, please link this everywhere it will help. Think of it as global holistic guerrilla marketing.

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