Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Time for a new FAQ:

Do you really have an office staff?: No, unfortuately we don't. We're not an LLC, corporation, non-profit, or some other legal catagory. Instead, we're just one source getting a message out that needs to be heard. The MSM doesn't want to pay attention. So we'll build our own network.

Will you sell out for the big bucks and the fast lane Hollywood lifestyle?: A lot of rumours have bee flying around about Murdoch or somebody else trying to buy us out. Would we then end up like Bill the Cat in "Bloom County" (still a very cool cartoon strip)? Not a chance. We won't post ads here or a Pay Pal button. Because profiting off misery may be cool to others. But not here.

How do you cope with no single payer health care in the States?: Our intl. readers still ask this. The best thing is to deal with it in sections.

We're not responsible for saving the world from the Evil Neocons. Instead, protection comes first. We know firsthand that national health care works. Also, if necessary there are other places in the world where you can live and be happy. It's all individual decisions. Can you emigrate on a refugee status due to no health care? It IS denying one of your human rights (under the U.N. Charter on Human Rights). On the other hand, at Immigration you're always at the mercy of whoever reads your file.

That's enough for now.

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