Monday, March 22, 2010

It Did Pass. Now What?

The House approved Obama's "health reform" bill. Now the Senate votes on it. If they say yes, Obama signs it into law.

Is it really everything he says it is?

If it does at least these three things, then maybe it is:

Eliminate ALL pre-exisiting conditions for everybody. (And not just our kids. And their kids. And then their kids as well).

Gives trauma survivors the proper treatment they need.

Stops all health coverage firm subsidies and tax breaks.

If not, then this is just as bad as bailing out the banks.

But here's another view. The whole purpose of the old system is to deny you health care. Therefore, it's NOT health care. Any person overseas that has national care can tell you that. Why then would any sane person want to stay under that?

Just like we said. If you have the money and the power (and see a threat to it), you'll do literally anything to destroy that threat.

Now what's next?

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