Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Works and What Doesn't

Is it Wednesday? Time for lunch and to catch up on some news. But everything has to be censored. It still feels like everywhere you look it's earthquakes, pedophiles running around, and no accountability by anybody.

How are your boundaries working for you? One big part for us is our contact information. We only give it out if absolutely necessary. Some govt. offices automatically ask for it. And lately we've been asking, do you REALLY need to know this?

What happens when you speak out and NOBODY pays attention? You try calling different people in Congress. And NOBODY EVER calls back. You call them and it feels like the intern who answered is reading a script and trying really hard to get rid of you. And they wonder why so many people hate them?

Do you still have nightmares? Ours still happen. And lately we're still waking up in the middle of the night.

If we go out we still take a weapon with us. Lucid dreams still happen at the worst times. And even though it's a dream you still have to fight back.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether to go public or not. Aside from here, we literally can't do it without having lots of huge problems. Just because of something that isn't our fault.

Instead of obsessing about it, keep your self control and focus in a positive way. It's the positive karma idea.

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