Friday, March 19, 2010

How's It Going?

Friday night, and we're staying in. Money's tight, so you do what you have to.

How's your balance? We're really working on taking things in tiny segments. Another part of it sticking to boundaries.

Is there one specific thing that's causing the trauma to flood out? My multiples and little kid say no. Yet, at times it's crippling. Not suicidal, but at times it feels close.

How do you cope when this happens? You scream, punch things out. And feel like you're going to black out. Yet, what other choice do you have except to fight back? Just going with the flow doesn't work for us.

Then you're totally exhausted. Yet, you have to keep going. What keeps you going?

Usually, we're fighting about 50 lucid dreams a day. Also, body memory and dissociating.

Any suggestions on this? Have a nice night.

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