Thursday, December 2, 2010

We are not connected with Wikileaks

Hi to our growing worldwide audience. Some of the newest readers are in Stockholm, London and various parts of the States. We also have some loyal readers in Dublin and in and around London. Is Julian Assange one of our readers?

We don't know. We could actually use a tool to get a satellite view of their location. Then again, if it IS Jullian Assange, we're sure he and his crack team have ways to block us. That's ok.

But, for those who continue to spread rumors about us, we have no connection to Wikileaks.

Went to see the Supplemental Income advocate earlier today. Lots of applications and red tape to deal with. One key element? You get penalized for being responsbible and actually trying to save money. Under their system you must have less than $2,000 in your account(s). If you have more, you get penalized. This means if you want to save you have to withdraw it and stash it at home. Then again, with the banks these days maybe that's a good thing?

You can't apply for food stamps until your SSI is approved. If you need help with your rent or utilities, you must have a cutoff/eviction notice first before you apply. Also, there's no gurantee that you'll be approved.

Does this happen in other countries? Do you or anyone you know go to a food bank? Have you been homeless in the past? We've been homeless twice because of PTSD.

Keep in mind there's more going on right now than Wikileaks. Which we have no connection to.

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