Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Stability for a change

How's your global holiday going? If you're having a nice one, try not to rub it in too much as you post comments here.

For some reason there's a little bit of stability. Symptoms are still there. But at times it's a little easier to focus. In the past, it's been non-stop dissociaitng. Imagine that for years and years.

We know that this doesn't obviously change overnight. Despite that, it's common for trauma survivors to feel like you fight all day long, and then you've moved maybe 1 inch. Then, the next day it's the same thing. You may find a helpful therapist and feel like you're healing from the cause of your trauma. But that frustration is still there.

Every day we check to see where our views are coming from. We know people's general location. If we wanted to, we could use our Google Satellite tool to actually check out your neighborhood. Then again, there are intl. laws against stuff like that.

The fact that we have loyal readers in over 32 countries tells us that millions need to be heard. Hopefully we can provide you a safe outlet to do that.

In return, we only ask that you link us everywhere you can. As long as it doesn't endanger your healing, think outside the box and try everywhere. There's "blatant spamming" and then there's "expressing your opinion". It's just a matter of how you post.

Back to the job hunting, shopping, cleaning, cooking.....

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