Friday, December 10, 2010

Boundaries can be a good thing

How's your battle against symptoms going? Do you still have to screen a lot of triggering stuff? We have to edit everything. We've also trashed a lot of extremely triggering material that we'v had for far too long. Think of it as ongoing spring cleaning?

How are your boundaries working for you? We politely but firmly stick to ours. This means using tools in a creative way to accomplish your goal: protecting your balance.

This can be a wide range of things:
putting the right message on your email and voicemail
checking these only twice a day (do you really need to do this every 5 minutes?)
If somebody else is triggering and won't back off, hang up or walk away. There's no point in sinking to their level and then having to apologize later. You have better things to do with your time.
Don't leave any obvious clues in your online content so someone can out you. This doesn't mean be ultra paranoid 24/7. Just careful.

Finally, if you don't need to deal with something, turn it off or don't spend money on it. Why sit there when you don't need to (unless the boss tells you to)? Life's too short.

Also, if you have a strong opinion on something, make yourself heard. The trick is how you do it in this dog-eat-dog 24/7 corporate Net world.

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