Monday, December 6, 2010

Online Security Tips for Trauma Survivors (some possibly stolen from Wikileaks)

These days, lots of triggering stuff everywhere you look. Is somebody trying to hack your personal information? Lots to be aware of.

Really, that's the operative word. Awareness. Not paralyzed by fear.

How then do you protect yourself? As a public service to our growing global trauma survivor audience, we're going to start adding new links on the left side of the main page. We can't tell you how we get some of these. But we feel it's necessary to protect ourselves (despite this being caused by trauma that's not our fault).

Do you need bodyguards? Hopefully not. Then again, online you can cover your tracks in multiple ways (everything from email to online phone services and more).

Does Wikileaks use these? To possibly a higher degree, yes they do. It's the same idea though. Don't leave an obvious trail for some security service to follow. That's not just some MSM adventure lifestyle filler. That's real security.

We're covering new job leads tonight and trying more social service sources to see if they can help us out. We will not end up homeless for a third time.

If you have any secret documents to leak, please don't send them here. Wikileaks has over 300 mirror sites to help them out. Send it to them because they're equipped to handle it. The only subject here is trauma and when necessary, some current events that are related to trauma. If you want yet another progressive political blog, please go elsewhere.

Have a fun night.

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