Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Anyone Paying Attention to You?

Staying in tonight to catch up on some latenight voicemail and online content.

We'll be very careful as we write this. But bear with us if some of this is unintentionally triggering.

Assange is in jail. Now, it seems like everyone remotely connected to Wikileaks is getting hacked by "mysterious forces". Can we prove who's doing this? No. However, all of this brings a few points to mind.

What's a key factor in Assange's case? "Alleged rape" by two women in Sweden. He says he's innocent and a victim of a political frameup. One of the women "allegedly" has CIA ties. This means that the sensational aspects are getting way more attention than actually dealing with a rape case.

Yes this has all the elements:
a man of mystery
a global network set to bring down other global networks that don't "officially exist"
Did we mention sex?

Now, is there any talk about how hard it is for women to be taken seriously when they are raped? Is anyone talking about guys who get raped? No. Once again, all that matters is hype to make a profit.

Can you donate to Wikileaks? Not for much longer. Key means of support are all giving in to government pressure.

This case is proof that society will deal to a point with women who get raped. What if this case involved a woman head of Wikileaks and two Swedish guys? Would this be getting the same amount of global hype? Would millions attack the guys for allowing themselves to be raped?

If you talk to the average person about someone having PTSD, 99.9 percent of the time they'll automatically think vet. They'll NEVER think civilian who's possibly a guy rape survivor.

Why is that? Stupidity? Lack of education? Arrogance and a refusal to deal with reality? We don't know.

Now, back to our symptoms. We're still looking for the new jobs. The bureaucracy to try and get help with rent and utilities is rough. We have to protect ourselves.

We still have despair and some symptoms. At night, we cry ourselves to sleep. At times I don't have answers for my multiples and little kid (how come nobody will admit that we exist? How come millions will pay attention to two Swedish women who might have been raped. But nobody will pay attention to us?).

How would you answer questions like that?

Bear with us. We're trying really hard to keep this a trauma only blog. Wikileaks doesn't need any more free publicity.

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