Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking Things in Tiny Segments

An early happy holidays. Hope you're part of the world is calm and happy.

Here, we're really working to keep our balance. A suggestion: stay away from all triggering stuff. There's no reason to look (unless it's your job). If not, do something else. Also, we're going to just stick to trauma here in the blog. We've been getting way too much into another-progressive-blog content. That's not the purpose. If that's what you want, please go to the other guys.

Now, we're have to start selling stuff. We're sorting and trying to see what's the best return we can get on this. We're still applying for the new job(s).

If they don't come thru by the end of the year, then it's lots of scenarios:
Appeal our SSI (Supplemental Income) denial.
Apply for food stamps, temporary family aid and all the help we can get.
Others in the family maybe can help with rent and utilities.
If the worst happens, close our our current flat lease. Sell everything we have to for the maximum cash. Pay off all bills and then leave.

Where would we go? At this point, we're not sure. A major area (West Coast?) with hopefully more potential. We'd like to just not show up with nothing. Instead, have a link to get us there (school, work, a paid internship if possible). Our passport is valid. Which means that's another option to have. If it doesn't work in one area for whatever reason, go somewhere else.

Is this happening to you? If it is, what's helping you to cope? For us, keep your positive focus. Avoid all triggers. Think outside the box as much as you can. Try every job searching option you can. Also, if one "job expert" doesn't work out, keep going.

Post your comments and share with the rest of our global audience.

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