Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Just In. We Still Have No Connection to Wikileaks

Just like the Wikileaks case, the rumors continue here.

Once again, we have no connection to Wikileaks. A lot here is anonymous. But:
We don't know where Julian Assange is staying (as in the street number).
We don't know what his disposable mobile number is today.
What's his Skype user name? We don't know.
Would he call us if we did? Probably not.

However, we do support him and wish him well.

Big news for today. One of our medical sources says that there's a connection between hypoglycemia and PTSD. If your blood sugar crashes, then your symptoms flare up. If your sugar is stable, then your chi is more stable. You can then better deal with your emotional symptoms.

Have you dealt with this in your healing? If you have, how has it worked for you? We're changing some of our diet around and we'll see what comes up. We'll also talk to some other sources as well.

More as it happens.

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