Sunday, December 26, 2010

Go Shopping

How was your Xmas? Many will go shopping today to get those great holiday disocunts to get ready for next year. Good Western economic planning.

Ours was rough. We felt sad and still do at times because nobody wants to listen to us. We still hear idiotic and triggering rubbish from others who think that this is prefectly okay to say. They seem to care less that two pedophiles repeatedly raped ues and that we could have been killed. Instead, it's okay to say rubbish like what's the big deal? It's just "experimenting" that all kids do.

How do you respond to that? Would you beat their ass into the ground? Or, would you just walk away?

We're fighting to keep our balance as best we can. Which means that we'll stick to our boundaries and never talk about this again with any immediate "family". We're sick of being constantly treated like crap by others who think this s**t is "normal communication". No it's not.

If the worst happened and they got raped, are we then supposed to instantly drop everything and help them because we're "experts" on this? We don't think so.

Do you get this s**t from others? How do you cope with this? We're just making it clear that boundaries are in place. Also, everyone is responsible for what they do and say. EVERYONE. You have to live with the consequences of everything you do and say. We still have to fight symptoms and trying to feel like we won't snap in two.
If we go public, we're uninsurable because of something that's not our fault.

But nobody wants to hear this.

Okay. If you don't, you can't have it both ways. You can't say go away one minute. Then the next go off on someone because "we're so concerned and you never say anything, blah blah blah". It doesn't work that way.

You have to protect yourself.

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