Thursday, December 9, 2010

Does this happen to you (PTSD Discrimination)?

Spent all day fighting the bureaucracy in trying to get help with paying for therapy.

For our intl. readers, here in the States there's Medicaid. It's a program designed to help low income people pay for various types of medical treatment. We've been trying to use it as a way to pay for our PTSD therapy.

We went thru national offices. The people there said we can't help you. Go to the state office. The state office people say we only work with people over 60 or people who are vets (we're neither). If you talk to literally anyone else, either they don't know what other agencies are doing. Or, they have no clue on how to help a guy rape survivor with PTSD who's not a vet.

Does this happen in your part of the world?

We're now down to 3 final sources. If none of them can help us, we won't appeal our supplemental income denial. We don't have time to do that, find jobs and look for potential help with rent, utlitities and food all at the same time.

Can you get help where you live? Lots of our intl. readers have stronger social service safety nets. Here, it's the opposite. One national Health and Human Service agency boss actually said if necessary, go to an emergency room for treatment. That way, they have to treat you. Apparently he doesn't know that many people there don't know how to diagnose or deal with various degrees of PTSD.

We have a problem and we want to get help. But nobody wants to deal with us. So the answer is to always go an emergency room?

Does this happen to you?

If we can't get answers to our questions we won't appeal our denial. Instead we'll get new jobs and just deal with this as best we can. What other option do we have here?

If a job or school is lined up (and the student loans as well), we could emigrate to study or work. The question is where would we go?

We feel like we're getting penalized for something that's not our fault.

Any comments?

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