Saturday, December 4, 2010

Protect Yourself at all Costs

Just like Wikileaks, trauma survivors always have to protect themselves. Online, there are lots of free tools that you can use (in addition to the content that you post).

The basic idea is to block hackers that want to steal your personal information or out you. Don't leave any obvious dots that can be connected. You can also do things like use encrypted email, fake ISP addresses and more. Sorry, we don't give away all of our secrets.

Now, will you need to use these every day like Julian Assange and his colleagues at Wikileaks? Probably not. Then again, you can't just kick back and do nothing. Adapt this to your needs as you go along.

We're still fighting the bureaucracy and symptoms to try and keep our balance. Had lunch with a friend yesterday to talk this over. Her suggestion? Apply for everything to maximize your odds to protect yourself to be able to keep your stability.

Also though, keep in mind that in this global depression, there are social safety net tools to use. But there's also the emotional aspect of it as well:

Who goes to a food bank? Just dirt poor homeless people?
Who's on food stamps? Alcoholics or middle class people who never dreamed they'd need to use them?

We're not saying don't use these things. They're there and if necessary you do use them. But it's kind of ignorant in our opinion to just say use it and shut up. Because others who may criticize you might be on them soon as well.

Protect yourself and have a nice day.

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