Thursday, December 16, 2010

How High is Your Spam Filter Set?

These days, it seems like everybody's "spam filters" are set really high. What seems to be an actually helpful email ends up in the spam file. Nobody checks it. You're pissed off for them ignoring you. Then finally it's HERE (in the spam file).

It's kind of the same idea for trauma survivors to filter everything. Is this helpful to you or not? Is there some rule that says you must sit and take all the garbage someone throws out at you because it's ok? No, it's not.

This means unless it's for work, question it and see. Do I have to deal with this or not? With a lot of political stuff happening, be very careful. Is your intuition screaming this is _______? If it is, you're right. Is this helpful to your overall healing? In our case, it's not. If we don't filter this stuff, we end up with nightmares. It's like all of the trauma in the world is coming down on you. It's too much to deal with.

Does this mean you can never watch/listen to/read anything again? No. There are other sources and things that you can do. Another idea (if you have the money for it) is a virtual assistant.

Set aside all of the "we can't have offshore people doing our work" stuff for a minute and think. If someone else can cover a lot for you (at say $5 an hour), how much more free time will that give you for other things? Possibly more time to deal with your trauma. Maybe more time to find better treatment. Or, a way to make more money to cover treatment costs.

We're not telling you to do anything. We're just offering ideas that maybe will help others as well. Also because an ulgy truth is for whatever reason millions of people who say they're sick of what the Powers that Be are doing aren't doing anything about it. Why? Who knows.

Instead of endlessly analyzing this, why not do this? Just say, everyone is responsible for themselves. Nobody else is going to protect myself, my family or my overall balance. This doesn't mean go to some rubbish survivalist site and stock up on weapons because the world will end tomorrow and other crap. Just stay positively focused and be as proactive as possible.

Because at this point, what else can you do?

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