Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Global Networking (Contains potentially triggering content. Read at your own risk).

How's your Wednesday? Time to say thanks to our growing global audience:

South Korea
The Russian Federation
the U.K.
New Zealand
and of course all over the States

We don't know who you are. We could use satellite techonology from Google to check out your neighborhood. But we'll be nice and stick to the blog.

Since it really is a global economy, it only makes sense to use your tools in the most creative way to connect. We try to pass on helpful tips and tools that are freely available on line. Some cost a small amount. The point though is how you use them.

Some of you are dealing with unstable governments, rebel attacks, floods, earthquakes and other stuff. Here, lots of problems as well.

One major problem seems to be a growing disregard for reality staring you right in the face. (NOTE: let's see if we can stick to our rule of No Triggering Current Events that you can find on those other blogs).

From a trauma perspective, the stress continues to grow in various parts of society. This means that the national PTSD rate is going up as well. It varies depending on the person and their situation. Despite that, it IS there.

Another example: rape cases in the military are growing all the time. If your really want to help a survivor, it's a good idea to start by admitting that you see all of the survivors in front of you.

There are both women and men rape survivors in the military (as there are in civilian life). How many times do you hear that in the MSM or the progressive? We don't.

To us, this means that many key people in key positions are making the problem worse. How come nobody tells them that to their face?

One copout? The number of guy survivors is so small it's not worth talking about.

Tell that to a guy survivor who's putting his life on the line in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Obvious question. How could you not feel insulted by that? Set aside for a moment if they're gay or straight. Deal with them as people violated by something horrible.

However, many powerful people don't want to do that. If it was their kid or loved one, odds are they'd use every means at their disposal to help them. They'd want to keep it as a "private matter" to keep the MSM out. To a point that's understandable. Nobody should be forced to out themselves.

Now, why is there a double standard? One for the rich and powerful, and one for the rest of us?

Because it's the old "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" scenario. Most people will do and say literally anything to make this just magically go away. It doesn't matter that these people didn't ask to be raped, humiliated and treated like dirt when they try to get help.

Just shut up and go away. But also, it's YOUR problem. So please get help. But not from me.

The Assange case is a perfect opportunity to talk about the real concerns that all rape survivors have. But nobody cares. All that matters is Assange Hype:

It's all a sham to get him killed in the States.
Just how hot is he in bed? Let's ask all of his former babe partners.
Graphic sexual details are way more important than an actual discussion about

How come none of the "big names" supporting him will touch this? They know that rape is happening in the military. They know that there are gay servicepeople. Yet, all that seems to matter is the spin on the story.

Then again, they have to live with the consequences of their actions. We wonder how they do that?

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