Sunday, December 12, 2010

#576 PTSD Protection Tips (online and off)

Latenight posting all over the place. Since there's so much rubbish online right now, it's challenging to find something that you can listen to. 1 billion You Tube clips again? Maybe not.

Instead, something that's condusive to maintaining your balance. This includes finding accurate information about PTSD and how to deal with it in a benefical way.

We've all heard really idiotic and insulting crap from various people (from the "experts" to the _______?). What keeps you from snapping and attacking them?

What helps us is boundaries. Unfortunately, you have to put these up even with people that you would think might do better. However, most don't want anything to do with you.

At times it's almost like getting raped all over again. Would you say this to a woman rape survivor? If you're a rational human being with any feelings at all, no. What then gives you the right to treat a guy like that?

Is it because that's the societal "norm"?
Is it because we're your worst nightmare?
Is it because you can't be bothered to show some human decency for at least 10 seconds?

People can come up with a million different reasons for not admitting that you exist. Our question for them? How do you justify these? How do you sleep at night? Yes, nobody needs to take on all the trauma in the world. However, the trauma survivor didn't ask for this to happen.

What then gives you the right to treat them this way?

Since we started this blog, we're proud to say we're pretty thorough in online security. Now, if we decided to out ourselves, we would be uninsurable. Only because of something that's not our fault. Also, for the next 4 years (thanks to Obama's "health care reform that isn't"), it's perfectly legal.

30% of the Stateside population has some form of PTSD. Yet, what does the MSM talk about instead? 50% of the population is on Facebook. All talk of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are essentially banned (except for the obligatory body count on the evening news before dinner).

But, we've decided that we can't save the world by ourselves. Instead, we use our niche to maintain our balance, our healing and then do what we can.

Last point. Everybody from Obama on down has to live with the consequences of their words and actions. This includes politicians, CIA assassins (that don't "officially" exist) bankers and others.

If you don't like something and don't do anything at all within your circumstances to try and change it, you have to live with that.

Faus un petit effort. Do what you can.

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