Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sunny, Warmer and Looking Up

How's your day? Here, it's warming up a little for a change. Also no snow to shovel. A good sign.

Keeping our seratonin level up (mainly thru diet) today, and it's helping our balance a little. We still have symptoms. The despair is still there. Then again, we're not responsible for others who just don't get it for whatever reason.

NOTE: A lot of those other sites are putting out end-of-the-year fundraising appeals. Keep in mind we have none of these here:

An online shop with coffee mugs, t-shirts and any other marketing gimmick you can imagine.
A newsletter you pay $19.95 per year for.
CD's, DVD's, or pirate ones that we hope somebody else won't notice.

We offer 100% free information. Coping with PTSD, being a trauma survivor, and online security tips that a consultant would charge you a fortune for.

We could charge you here. But making money off trauma? We don't think so.

Does anybody else offer you this global mix 24/7 for free? Again, we don't think so.

In return, we only ask one thing. Please link us everywhere you can (unless it messes up your healing). Readers in 32 countries proves that quality content and word-of-mouth promotion does work.

Only about 158 countries to go.

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