Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Triggers Do You Deal With?

How's it going protecting yourself these days? We still have to edit everything. Going out means planning ahead. How do we protect ourselves if flashbacks or other things happen? Hyperawareness still happens.

Odds are nobody's going to kill us in (fill in the blank with a famous store name). Despite that, we feel like we always have to be on guard.

Do you have the same stuff to cope with? What keeps you from blacking out in a crowded place? Is there anything that you don't have to edit these days? We don't have a choice.

This doesn't mean you're not aware of the world, or don't care about anything. Just the opposite. You have to break it down into segments. And when necessary politely hang up or walk away. Don't sink down to the other person's level (and then you have to apologize later). Just smile, say thanks. And leave.

Any other ideas?

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