Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping Track

Hiya. Having an enjoyable next 24 hours? Since this is a global blog, we have to include everybody. And, hello to our readers in New York City. You know who you are. We don't. We could find out. But who needs the extra stress?

How do you keep your balance in this corporate culture? For the average person, it's tough. But if you're a trauma survivor, how do you cope?

Some types of trauma are acceptable. And even marketable (depending on what it is). Example: Sean Penn working in Haiti to help earthquake survivors.

I'm sure he could have way better things to do back home in Malibu. But, set aside all of the petty political crap that his name brings up. Give him credit for not sitting on his butt in Malibu and actually trying to help.

Now, being the savy progressive that he is, he's fighting thru the bureaucracy. And trying not to piss people off in the process. However, he's correct when he says that it is "borderline homicide" to let this continue.

Imagine for a moment that he's not a Two-Time-Academy-award-winning actor/director. (Do people ever get sick of constantly hearing that label 24 hours a day?). Would the MSM give him the time of day?

For about 10 minutes. And then that's it.

Which means that trama survivors everywhere have that in common. Fighting to continue to be heard. They didn't ask for any of these problems:

death and disease
rampant despair
and more

Likewise, we didn't ask to be raped, repeatedly ignored and worse.

Do any of Penn's NGO volunteers have the luxury of telling a quake survivor, sorry. But you freak me out? I can't deal with this. Go away? No they don't. But we hear that all the time.

How then do you fight to continue to be heard? Penn knows that to a certain extent he has to let himself be used by the MSM (in return for getting his message out). However, we've tried to connect thru the progressive media. And NOBODY will talk to us.

Is this personal? Is it because we freak them out? So just be out-of-sight-and-mind?

We didn't ask for this (just like the quake survivors). But also, will there be any national telethon for guy rape survivors? No. Will there be any Congressional hearings to highlight this problem? Again, no.

Don't misunderstand. The Haitian survivors need all the help they can get. They also need to be able to maintain their dignity in the process.

Can you honestly say that the rest of us don't deserve the same thing? It's called human decency.

Sean Penn's Haitian NGO:

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