Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Missed Opportunity?

Normally we stay away from news as much as possible (too many triggers). But, we'll make an exception in this case.

Have you heard about the new grand jury doping investigation of Lance Armstrong? Greg LeMond is one of the cyclists who's been subpoened to testify.

In the hype up to this point, LeMond's past sexual abuse has been mentioned. And, to his credit, he went to get help. And now helps to run, a support site for guy survivors.

Despite all of that, where's the focus?

It's a battle of egos, money and power. Armstrong is a 7-time Tour de France winner. And, from what we're seeing, in many ways he's the Tiger Woods of his sport. The mere fact that he's won 7 times gives him the right to do and say anything he wants. Including "allegedly" threatening LeMond.

Listen around to te various "pundits" on this. And what's the range of opinion? Everything from of course he's guilty to who gives a s**t?

How much time does the corporate MSM give to LeMond's past sexual abuse? Maybe 5 seconds. And that's it.

Which means this is another f****d up perfect opportunity to give lots of guy survivors the help they need to find the help they need.

Imagine the MSM counterarguments to this:

How come you don't give more coverage to sexual abuse? And the need to get help?

Because nobody cares about that. All they want to hear about is Lance being pissed off at LeMond.

If that's true, then why have you mentioned it at all up until now?

Because it helps to add "dimension" to the story.

So if a celeb says they were abused (raped), then it's ok. But if an average person says it, who gives a f**k?


A prediction. Nobody is going to push for this open discussion. LeMond won't do it. His site won't. And no other rape crisis support center will either.

Why? Because the economy is still lousy. To continue, these centers either fight for donations. Or, a small amount of govt. funds. Current govt. regulations say that if you want govt. funds, you can NEVER EVER mention guy survivors in your center's content (in any way).

There will be no Congressional hearings on this. No celeb campaign to draw attention to this. Again why? Because that's just too freakin' weird.

It's the Tiger Woods Syndrome:

Who's Lance pissed off at today?
How much are his endorsement deals?
How many hits did his latest You Tube clip get?
Is Lance a lying scumbag like all the other pro athletes who dope, lie about it. And then try to push books to profit off of it?

That's what's really sad.

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