Friday, July 9, 2010

Post Lebron James Mania?

It's Friday (unless you live somewhere east of New Delhi). LeBron James is going to Miami. Will the world come to an end in Cleveland? The Cavs owner says yes. But we say no.

Yet, once again it's a matter of the corporate MSM trpping all over themselves for ratings and profit. Yes, you can argue that James is better than Kobe. He's the Seocnd Coming of Jordan? Not quite.

But look at this. The best NBA player right now basically calls up one of the most powerful networks in North America. And says I want a 1 hour prime time special. Of course, they say yes.

Can you name one other celebrity that has that kind of power right now? Tiger Woods did (before he repeatedly messed up).

A famous actress writes a book about her having sex with her father. And instantly she makes money and gets tons of attention.

There seems to be a MSM rule re: guy rape survivors:

First, never ever say "rape". That's too harsh for the viewing public. Always say "assault".
There must be some priest involved in the story. That way it's guranteed to get ratings.
We must then get (fill in the blank with the name of a news megasuperstar) to anchor this.

What if a guy survivor was willing to tell his story. And then the ad revenue from said program could go to various rape crisis programs that need the money? This is a win situation all around. Would the MSM go for it?

Not a chance.

Why? Because there's no hype factor. The MSM corporate response? We're not running a freakin' charity here. This IS a business, by the way.

What if Lebron went on TV and said, I'm a guy survivor? Would he be allowed to say rape? Or, would he have to say "sexual assault"?

If he were allowed to talk about this, will he have to pay any penaity for doing this? No.

If we do it, we can potentially lose our job (because of the "PTSD" label). We cold also potentially be uninsurable. Because PTSD is a "pre-existing condition". Just like being overweight, too tall, too short. Or, if you're a pregnant woman.

Like Noam Chomsky says. If you accept the current corporate status quo, then when literally someone dies from the results of that, we're collectively responsible for that person's murder.

We dare you to prove him wrong.

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