Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Triggers and Spin (contains graphic content)

We're still watching our step. Due to lots of triggers everywhere. And lots of spin from people as they battle it out over money and power. The usual underlying factors.

If you want to watch/read/listen to this stuff, that's up to you. As for us, we're still editing everything. Anger is really tough to handle. Yesterday, several times we almost blacked out. How do you handle that when you're in a crowded place? It really sucks when you drive all the way there. And then, 10 seconds after you walk in you have to leave and go back home.

Does any of this stuff happen to you?

Without triggering you, the big question at the moment is this. Will people really want to deal with a lot of ulgy realities? Even when the evidence is right there in front of them?

Or, will they stick to the usual ignorance-is-bliss attitude? My job isn't that great. I'm not rich. But, at least I'm not homeless. So I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Keep this in mind. It's not your job to individually save the world. Care. But your protection comes first.

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Jennifer Holy said...

What does a ptsd blackout/dissociative episode look like? Please I have kids. Do you act normal and long do they typically last?