Monday, July 26, 2010

It's All in the Networking

Did you survive the High Trigger Monday okay? Here, at times it's been hard. But, we actually covered a lot of ground in the job hunt.

Speaking of global networking, did you know that 1 in 15 people are on Facebook? This means a few things:

Soon, everyone will be on Facebook. Imagine at the airport ticket counter Homeland Security says, Facebook username?

The CEO of Facebook will be so rich that he'll be able to finally pay off the American govt.'s national debt.

Here's another angle that the Facebook Hype Machine never talks about. How many of these people on Facebook are trauma survivors? Of course, everyone has their own story and healing rate. It's completely up to them to keep quiet or to talk about it.

30% of the Stateside public has some form of untreated PTSD. That's roughly 90 million people. You do the math.

Under the current economic system, if someone started a PTSD Facebook Group, everyone on there could be denied health coverage. Because it's a "pre-existing" condition. It doesn't matter how you got it. All that matters is if you have it, you're out. If you're under group coverage, at first they're supposed to accept you. But if they find any "discrepency" at any time, you can be dropped.

Then, it's a matter of time, money and who has the better attorney.

We all know that everyone's doing online searches on lots of people. Some record labels pay people up to $80,000 a year to check people online.

PTSD isn't their fault. They didn't ask to be raped. Or, if it's a mom with kids, she didn't ask for her partner to beat the s**t of her.

How come the social networking people in power don't use their positions to help stop these stupid double standards?:

It's not their job to change society. They want everyone to use their service. But this other stuff is too weird.

The MSM wouldn't give them the time of day if they tried?

Another example. Greg Lemond is a guy rape survivor. When was the last time someone asked him about only that in an interview? They won't do it because there's no hype angle. Instead, it's the usual Greg vs. Lance rubbish.

Right now, a NFL player's refusal to carry a teammate's pads is more important than two illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What the f**k does THAT tell you?

Back to job hunting.

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