Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Do You Make Yourself Heard?

Having a nice, fun and hopefully sunny weekend? Here, on the cloudy side. But still time to unplug for the day on most things.

Do you have that urge to singlehandedly save the world? It seems that a lot of trauma survivors have that (for a variety of reasons). While caring is great, in this global corporate MSM hype world, you have to be selective with your battles.

You also have to be selective with the tools that you use. Are these helping you and your cause? Or, are these just triggering symptoms and a waste of time?

Right now, we're being very careful about what we do. Because the bottom line is protection. If you don't say or post something, will the world end because of that? Probably not.

Because the truth is it's NOT YOUR responsibility to save everything. Yes, it would be nice if you could. But, shouldn't you deal with your symptoms and balance first BEFORE you do other things?

We're not telling anyone to do anything. We're just offering opinions on what helps us.

Another angle. Maybe what seems like the right approach at first really isn't. That's another important tool to use. Know when to re-evaluate, change. And if necessary, stop and go in a different direction.

And see what happens.

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