Friday, July 23, 2010

PTSD affects everybody. Not just vets (contains potentially triggering material)

99.9% of the time, when you hear PTSD, what's the next thing? Vets who need to get help, but can't. Or for some reason won't.

No disrespect to any vets. But to deal with the overall problem, you need to talk about it.

30% of the public has some type of PTSD.

What are some potential causes for PTSD?:
Sexual assault (rape). Men, women. Or kids.
Drive by shootings.
Police raids.
Cop shootings.
Military duty.
A severe illness.
Spousal abuse
and many others

If you wanted to argue about a "threat to our national security", what do you call this? Untreated, this affects a large percentage of the population. The public's safety is at risk.

Yet, do we hear any Homeland Security plan to solve this? No.

Why not? You can't fight every battle at the same time. There's no money. We don't have the power (or the guts) to stand up to the lobbyists. So we'll do nothing.

What's another reason? It's one of those ulgy realities that people just don't want to see at dinner time. Iraq and Afghanistan get what, maybe 20 seconds a day. And that's it.

So it's been mandated that this is the limit? By who?

From some of our sources, we've heard endless horror stories of sick, twisted rapes and other torture inflicted on people. We won't give some explicit examples (out of not wanting to trigger you).

But aside from that, what do you tell trauma survivors? Do you say, go away and YOU fix it? You were stupid enough to let it happen. And it's not MY problem. So take responsibility for your own freakin' life. And fix it.

No comprehension of what's being said. Just shut the f**k up and go away.

What you think, feel and are concerned about doesn't matter.

How do you protect yourself in this situation?

Politicians need to realize that untreated trauma won't magically go away at re-election time. If it happened to them or someone close to them, they'd get the best treatment money can buy.

As for the rest of us, what do we do?

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