Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#397 Staying in Tonight

Staying in tonight and really trying to protect ourselves. Anger was really bad last night. Didn't get much sleep and at times we literally thought we were going to snap in two.

Today, at times we're still run down. Some former favorite foods are now violent triggers. Even a lot of sports news right now has to be edited. In this corporate culture, the old cliche is true. Turn on your stereo and listen to 5 different sports talk programs. We defy you to try and tell them apart. It's the same as in TV news. Which leads to the next question. If there's no difference between any of these, why not just have one corporation with one national network for everything? If you really believe in unregulated capitalism, then why not do that? Much more cost efficient overall.

Then again, many people in the States have a huge hangup with anything that remotely sounds like "socialism". Many key industries are now nationalized. If any giant corporation has problems, the govt. bails them out. It's the politically correct way to say socialism.

Other countries have various state run media (in various forms). And they seem to be doing ok. Here in the States, 9 corporations control everything. Ever wonder if they secretly meet to figure out new ways to control stuff? It wouldn't surprise us at all if it's true.

Which is another reason to say thanks for the suport here. We have no pledge drives. No govt. funding. Come to think of it, we have NO funding at all.

Why? Because money equals control. And considering the MSM (and progressive media)'s refusal to deal with guy survivors 99.9% of the time, why the **** should we just turn over control? Absolutely not.

Unfortunately, it's a dog-eat-dog world online. As much as people may tell you, yeah cool. Let's link. They won't do it. This then means lots of work for online spies and various sites to help said spies in doing their job. It helps to maintain the economy and keep lots of spies off the unemployment line. Of course they don't "officially" exist. But we know better.

If they won't listen to you, start your own network to be heard. But also a suggestion. In this "Global Economic Meltdown" (which is really a depression), be nice to your covert operatives. And they'll be nice to you when they write their tell-all bestseller.

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