Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Much Sleep

A long and tough night last night. In our neighborhood, there are lots of break-ins throughout the day. Two murders just down the street in the past two weeks. Sometimes, total strangers scam their way into the "secure" community here. And when that happens, the cops can't do anyting because they're now on "private property."

Despite all that, we're fighting to really keep our balance. Lots of nightmares last night. Everyone who laughed at us and treate us like dirt wanted to kill us. We had to fight our way out. Some of the "family" tried to kidnap us. And we had to fight our way out again.

You're an orphan. And you can't trust anyone. Can you?

You have to protect yourself at all costs.

Nobody will listen to you. Nobody wants anything to do with you because it's just too weird.

There's no concern. There's no comprehension of what they're saying and doing.

Nobody wants to know.

In that case, we'll continue to build our own network. Use the tools that are our there in the most creative way you can.

Did you know that 1-in 5 people worldwide are on Facebook? Normally, we'd charge then a HUGE fee for advertising here. And it's not like they can't afford it. While they continue on the path to world domination.

Imagine for a second if you went to the major networking sites and had all of those people in your contacts. Scary, no?

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