Monday, July 12, 2010

Lebron Mania Will Never Go Away

The Wold Cup is over. Lebron is off to Miami. And, the corporate MSM is scrambling to fill 24/7 of airtime.

In the past 7 days, how many times have you seen any/all of these?:

What Palestinians in Gaza think of the blockade
Noam Chomksy (he's good enough for Bill Mahr's HBO show. Which means he's a nice joke. But screw being on the Big Time)?
What a drone attack does to the local population in Pakistan or Afghanistan

Probably none at all. What's happened instead? Dissecting eevery possible angle on Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Also, when we need a break from that, let's fill with Useless Facts about Tiger Woods. How much is the divorce settlement? Is he lying about his net worth? Is his wife pregnant again?

The point is the economy is down. Which means that not all but many parts of the progressive media that depend on various funding have to tow the line. If you want a govt. grant, under no circumstances will you publically criticize Israel. If you talk about PTSD, you must always talk about vets. Rape survivors? Only women. We won't tolerate anything else.

There's only so much money and a huge number of people competing for it. What do you do?

You can fight that battle. Or, you can start your own site and get donations.
Yet, there's only so much money available.

In our experience, in many places people just don't want to listen. This ranges from FBI offices to a few well-known nationl rape crisis centers. We didn't ask to be raped and have to fight all of this stuff every day.

Despite that, you get the mixed message. You should get help. But don't talk to me about it. Because this is just too weird.

While there are a some web sites to try and help guy survivors, they need to be better organzied (in our opinion). There's too much hit-and-miss in what they trying to do.

If Obama really believes that national health is a right, why not give people the protection that they need?

It's a threat to the Medical Status Quo. If you cure a lot of dis-ease, how will they pay off their med school loans? Their huge office overheads?

Everyone knows it is the right thing to do. But, that's not "acceptable" (under current U.S. economic conditions).

If the worst happened and Michele Obama got raped, she would get the best care. Yes, she's the First Lady. But also, as a person she should get help.

Now, what if the Obamas had a son who got raped as well? Would anyone dare to say the word rape? Or, would they all say "sexual assault"?

If their son gets raped, he gets the best care. But if an average person gets raped, they don't exist.

Because they're not the President's son? Or, is there some other reason as well?

Apparently, human rights is a selective thing. If you have more money and power, the you're more entitled than the rest?

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