Sunday, July 18, 2010

How's Your Focus?

Still kicking back tonight. Don't listen to the urge to save the world. And then be home by dinner. Not tonight.

How's the economy in your neighborhood? Is there anything you havn't cut back on?

Imagine if the street lights are turned off at night. Rolling backouts. Huge cuts in your local to national govt. Canada or Mexico feels sorry for us. So they take over a state or two along the border to help out? No. That's TOO weird. Maybe nice revenge for about 5 minutes. On the other hand, do you REALLY want all those Americans running around in your country?

Another huge cut is in national down to local mental health. Short of starting your own therapy office (and dealing with the liability of that), where do you go for help? If the local system doesn't want to know you're there, what do you do?

If you have the answer, please post.

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