Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the Mainstream (and Alternative) Media Won't Tell You About Health Care

Time to break our rule about "no progressive political content". If you don't like that, blame Congress, not us.

As I write this, I'm watching the neocons in Congress try for the 31st time to kill Obama's health care law. We all know that there are many other things that they could actually be doing that would accomplish something. Yet, what's important usually doesn't matter.

Excuse me if this is restating the obvious. But I'll keep going.

What's the number one reason to try and repeal this health care law? We must stop Obama at all costs. We would use the N word if we could. However, if we did that our career's over. Besides, do you really think we want to give up our perks and government health care (which is essentially universal health care)? Instead, we'll use coded racism which means we can do whatever we want.

Meanwhile the Democrats (while trying to stay one up on the neocons in the pr battle) are actually causing problems as well. If you really believe that health care reform is necessary, then why not have single payer? It can be done right now and would expand much of the current system in a good way.

Now the excuses:

It's not "politically feasible" at this time. Oh really? Then when is it?
Blame the neocons for blocking everything we do.
We must re-elect Obama at all costs. That comes first before anything else.
We must spend all the money necessary to do this.
Obama must never look "weak" to the public. Especially, he can never be seen as a
weak person of color.
Why do many provisions in this law start in 2014? To gurantee that Obama would get re-elected.
Why else?
Do you seriously expect me to give up the millions I get from the drug and health coverage firms for my campaigns?

Which means that only two things matter. Money and power.

Many people in Congress are multimillionaires (from roughly $20 to $300 million). Some have dramatically increased their portfolios thanks to insider trading. Sometimes on drug and health coverage information.

Between now and 2014,  more people will die due to lack of health coverage. Due to no fault of their own.

Take 30 seconds and please re-read the last sentence.

The Powers that Be don't care. Endlessly throwing out soundbites and slogans is frankly boring. Are any of these politicians losing any sleep over people that die due to lack of health care? I seriously doubt it. If you don't have health coverage, that's YOUR problem. IF you die from that, screw it. Nobody cares. Nobody's going to do any prime time network specials showing what happened to these people. Showing racist and homophobic morons like Ron Paul saying f**k yeah, let them die at the side of the road in endless clips does what?

This is a propaganda battle for money and power. Nothing more.

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