Friday, July 20, 2012

What Do Climate Change and Various Types of Trauma Have in Common? More than You Think

We keep trying to keep this as a trauma only blog. Despite that, the Powers that Be keep screwing things up. Which means we have to break our "no progressive politics" rule here to make some important points.

Start with this premise. What do climate change and trauma (rape, battered women, drive by shooting victims and more) have in common? Much more than you think. Also, a lot that the corporate MSM will never touch. So I will.

The basic idea in climate change is that CO2 is trapped for a long time in the atmosphere and raises the temperature. This leads to weather patterns such as mega hurricanes, typhoons, blizzards and tornadoes. Like in any issue that involves money and power, those with the money and power will do literally anything to keep their money and power. These corporate CEO's (since a corporation is a "person", is the CEO the parent?) publically say climate change is a a scam. Privately, do they say the same thing? Hopefully at least one doesn't. Then again, what's their first responsibility? Profit for themselves and their shareholders? Or, doing the morally responsible things to stop climate change?

Why don't people deal with it? They deny it exists. There's nothing I can do about it since the political system is permenantly broken. If I say it's true, I'll get fired because I work in a "right-to-work" state.

They choose to keep their mouth shut.

Now, trauma. Nobody wants to publically admit this. But women and men get raped. They didn't ask for this. They didn't ask for pain, humiliation and being treated many times like dirt when they try to get help. What do they hear? It's your problem, you fix it. Now go away. We don't want you here.

Again, out of sight, of mind. If the problem isn't there, you can go back your reality TV show, pizza and Bud Lights.

Astounding but true. Before the Sandusky case broke, how many times did you hear about people in authority raping the shit of innocent kids?

Take thirty seconds and please reread the last sentence.

The only time you'd hear about it is during ratings sweep periods when the rule is if it leads, it bleeds. Sex, violence, celeb gossip. The more the better. We are running a business, ya know.

These are both political footballs to get many politicians re-elected. Or, to maintain their current money and powerful status. Have you EVER seen a guy rape survivor testifying before a Congressional Committee on rape? I haven't. Why? Is it because we just don't talk about things like that? Is it because lots of idiotic stereotypes come to mind if we do?

Fact. There are lots of gay men and women serving in the military. Since many straight women are getting raped, it only makes sense that many men (both straight and gay) are also getting raped. But because the number is "so small", nobody gives a shit. So again, just piss off and go away?

Sad but true. Not all but many care more about profit than doing the right thing. Penn State cares more about profit than helping rape survivors. NOTE: If you really want to help them, first start by not insulting them by saying "sex abuse". That may be some legalese that attorneys insist on. Would you say a woman rape survivor was "sexually abused", or raped? Is it insulting to her if you say "sexually abused"? What about to little boys? Why not give them the same respect?

Many Penn State students were worried more about how the Sandusky case would affect their first job salary than about the survivors.

Does this mean that worsening climate change causes PTSD? You be the judge.

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