Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everything Feels Empty

Really struglling to keep my balance. Why? It feels like the full terror of trauma is hitting
all at once. You feel empty and try to keep going. Keep you health in balance as you go

Stay away from triggering stuff as much as possible. What are the effects of things on you? Can you have this, or not? It's like you're steps ahead of everyone else. What will people say and do? You're already a day ahead. Am I always right? No. But my percentage is better.

It's hard to find and hold onto positive things. It's rough because it feels like everything is scary
and horrible. Well, almost everything. It's symptoms every day.

You turn everything off, and just want quie. At times, that's tough to have. Then again, you know you're on the right track. On the other, you still feel empty and try to not feel cheated.

We just want some balance.

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