Monday, July 23, 2012

The Penn State "Should-Be-the-Death-Penalty-But-Isn't" Megahype(Contains Triggering Content. Read at Your Own Risk)

We all know about the endless Penn State "penalty" hype today. Endless loops of practices, students, coaches, school officials. Then, some key former school officials and others saying the NCAA's report on this is "flawed".

I know lots of attorneys will say you pay attention to legal subtleties and more in this case. However, here are some key points that no one else will mention that need to be mentioned.

In all of the endless hype, NOT ONCE did ANYBODY ANYWHERE ask one of Sandusky's victims what they thought of these penalties. This pedophile was convicted of raping the shit out of innocent kids. All that matters though is Penn State's reputation, their money, their power, and Paterno's power?

Despite Paterno passing away, what continues? The "culture" that at Penn States, Paterno was fucking God. He made this school. Without him, we literally have nothing. Therefore, you never ever fuck with God?

Former school officials are now covering their collective asses by saying that the NCAA report was "flawed". Really? How? Are you saying Sandusky's innocent? Or, are you saying you're not gonna take me down for what this fucking psycho did?

The "in-depth" news coverage is anything but. An interview where the reporter says to Sandusky, so you're denying all of this? Sandusky says yes. What the reporter's really saying (for maximum soundbite/ratings potential) is this. You get off on raping the shit out of innocent kids, don't you? Admit it.

No concern about the victims/survivors. The only thing that matters is the "million-dollar soundbite" that we must get at all costs.

The NCAA has NO responsibility in this. It's a "legal" matter. Right. Does this also mean that Obama has no responsibility to make sure that the "alleged" shooter in Colorado isn't brought to justice because he's in D.C. and it's a "local" matter?

All that matters is money and power.

Nobody wants to talk about sex abuse (rape) anymore because they're fucking sick of this shit.

Nobody seems to care about what the victims went through. What do they think about this report? None of that matters. What are we? Fucking "Psychology Today" TV? We're a sports network. That's not our job. However, we can say whatever the fuck we want about any athlete we want. Why? Because people eat this shit up.

No they don't.

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