Sunday, July 1, 2012

Really Strong Content that Might be Triggering. Read at your own risk.

Time for some latenight thoughts. If you know what's happening on Monday, don't spoil it for the rest of us.

Intuition and lots of symptoms are hitting hard at various times. Do you have the feeling that you're the only one who knows everything that's going on? Who's doing what, who's lying and what's going to happen next? I'm not always right. However, my prediction percentage is better.

The tough part of that? Feeling like nobody else can be bothered to listen. You feel like you're taking on everyone else's trauma all at the same time. You can't save the world. On the other hand, it's hard at times to turn that off.

Flashbacks happen and it feels like jumpcuts. Something comes out of nowhere, and you have to fight to keep some sense of balance. Do you know where you are? Sometimes the usual grounding technqiues don't work. What do you do then? There's anger, frustration and fighting the terrifying feeling on not wanting to be cheated.  Yes you know it's not your fault. On the other hand, you can't force others to understand about trauma. What do you say when some powerful well-known people are basically saying I wish people would shut the fuck up about this sex abuse shit. People are SO sick of it.

Next questions:
Do you realize what you just said?
Are you an actual human being with a pulse and emotions?
Why are you on the air making $______ million dollars a year?
If you were raped, how would YOU feel if you heard this?

What would happen if instead of using the polite-at-dinner-time phrase of "sex abuse", call it what it is? Pedophiles raping the shit out of innocent little kids. Would the world come to an end if somebody actually said that? Would the FCC fine somebody for telling the truth? Or is that "objectionable content"?

One common bond for all trauma survivors? They want to be heard non-judgementally. Not to be used to get re-elected, make money off of or get killer ratings. It's called treating somebody with respect.

Time to break our "never talk about progressive politics" rule UNLESS it helps to make a point. What if Assange's accusers are not CIA operatives who lured him into a honey trap to then force him to be extradited to the States? What if they're telling the truth about being raped? Legal semantics aside, have you heard one person on the MSM bring up this point? Almost everything I'm hearing is set aside the "side issues" in this case and focus on his freedom. Right. This means once again rape survivors (who are both women and men) won't get their chance to be heard. Then again, boring stuff like this doesn't trend well on Twitter. So who cares?

Blunder #2. Assange says that the Madeline McCann case getting way more global coverage than his case is an "outrage". And he wonders why millions aren't marching in the streets for his freedom.

Human beings just want to be heard. If the Powers that Be won't listen, I'll keep this going.

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