Sunday, July 8, 2012

Holistic Health Stuff to Link To

Outside, rainy and cool. Inside, no noise. No news about celeb gossip, death, destruction and all the rest of it. Just sit back, write and focus on healing.

You can't just sit back and go with your feelings (at least in our case). This means that in fighting symptoms you feel totally drained. Part of it has to do with your diet. With that in mind, here are some ideas to hopefully help you cope in your healing. As a favor to me, please link to this from everywhere you can.

Is refined sugar the same as natural sugar?- In my opinion, not always. The only sources of natural sugar that seem to be okay are things like oranges. Anything else doesn't work.

Is it possible to eat without sugar? With some planning, yes it is. What percentage of stuff in a store doesn't have sugar? Maybe 20 percent.

Do things like sugar, chemicals and various drugs act as stimulants? Yes they do. A can of soda could have as much as 300 packets of sugar in it. Caffeine is a drug. Why do many people love to eat lots of salsa? Because they're sugar addicts (roughly 12 packets of sugar in one tablespoon).

Do these things make symptoms worse? Yes they do.

How do you keep a good ph balance? Pay attention to the effects of things on you. Everybody's different.

What's an advantage of cutting out sugar? You'll save lots of money on groceries. In my case, I could save close to 50% a week.

What does sugar affect in your body?:
Your immune system
Your adrenal gland
Your cortisol level
Various symptoms (ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD) and others

I'm just speaking from personal experience. If you disagree, feel free to comment. However, please don't post spam comments or just obviously biased "studies" from wherever. That's a waste of time.

Enjoy your day.

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