Monday, July 23, 2012

The Triggering Level is Really High

Unless you have to look at the news, our suggestion is don't. Everything is a threat. Trust your intuition, and stay away. Do you really want to spend lots of time dissociating as a result of looking at this stuff? I don't.

Hyperawareness and other symptoms are still there. If I go out, it feels like many places are a threat. Where's my weapon? What do I do to fight back? I can't afford to have a gun, and don't want one. Yet, do you feel safe going to bed at night? I still keep a knife (and sometimes my cell phone as well) at the foot of my bed. You just feel safer.

I won't list all of the triggering stuff happening right now, because you know what it is. Why then make things worse?

We fight the negative "it's your fault so you fix it, you're a ______, and other garbage" every day. It's not just the normal shit that people give you. It feels like every single day it's endless abuse. You have to fight back. Also go to work and do everything else.

Protect yourself at all costs.

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