Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You're Not Responsible

The Powers that Be are still doing the same stupid stuff. Still not bailout from the IMF, EU or Obama.

Our situation has changed. Now, we're going to go ahead and appeal our Supplemetal Income denial (SSI). If we didn't (and the new jobs didn't come thru this month), there's a chnace we could have gone bankrupt. This is the best option (beats being homeless again for the third time).

How are you dealing with your trauma? Does it feel like anyone's listening to you? Do you get the usual "shut up and deal with it" reaction from the rest of the world? We're really sticking to maintaining boundaries because many people just dont' know when to stop being triggering. Just saying I can do and say anything I want and you have to deal with it is rubbish. Unfortunately some of the people could care less what you think.

Does this mean then that you're obligated to just stick there and take it because that's how the world works? No, you're not. That's insulting, condescending, demeaning (you get the idea).

You have to protect yourself at all costs.

Have a good day.

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