Friday, November 12, 2010

We're More Popular Globally than the Banks?

Hi to our new readers in Hawaii, Argentina, and the U.K. Right now if we were a corporation we'd have more offices than many major banks? We'd also be less despised? Who knows.

The point is to continue to link everywhere you can. It's the old thing of content and promotion. If the MSM and the progressive as well won't listen, we'll build our own.

Coping ok? With the global meltdown cuts that everyone's talking about, it's everyone for themselves. Also, it's ironic that other world leaders now have the guts to publically criticize Obama's running of the economy. Yet, here millions still think he's the "Perfect President" that will save us.

The politicians say cuts need to happen. Obama says it won't be easy. But also, he dosn't say that his Cuts Commission has no binding ideas. Which means like every other Commission, nothing will happen.

Name one rich and powerful person (this basically also covers all politicians)who will publically say because of the Global Depression, I'm going to take a __% pay cut until this is solved. If someone did do that, they'd get one or maybe two interviews. Then they'd be laughed at and that's the end of it.

How bad is this? Dennis Kucinich was the only canidate in the 2008 election to do this. Did you know that there are still people that had no idea that he was a canidate? But they probably know everything about the latest fight between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest.

Not to intentionally trigger anyone. But unless everybody either votes or overthrows the government, unchecked borrowing will continue. The National Debt ceiling will be raised yet again. And nothing will happen.

We won't bore you with yet another "in-depth analysis" of why this mass apathy continues. Instead, we will offer some suggestions

First, protect your balance at all costs. If you don't have to watch/listen/read something, don't. Do something else.

Take the time to find reputable sources of information. Why? Because you need to.

Be aware of the effects of things on you. Instead of it being second nature, why do you do it?

Use your intuition as you make decisions.

Keep it here for more links and ideas. Again, thanks for the support and please link us everywhere you can (as long as it doesn't hurt your overall healing).

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