Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Clarity for a Change

We still have to fight to focus in the morning. But today we didn't have to scream and feel like we were going to black out. A good sign.

The same triggering stuff is there. We still suggest avoiding all of it unless you have to deal with it. If you can find a way to have millions join your protest and not endanger your healing, so much the better.

That's the key though. If you don't come first, how can you be effective with others?

Just came across an interesting list online. You always see some consultant talking about what do want in your future? What's next in the next 10 years? We have trouble dealing with the next 10 minutes.

The essential idea is this. Not what others say is best for you. But what would you like to do to really feel happy and centered? Nobody else will do it for you (just like protecting your balance).

This is turning into a yet another life seminar. Enough of that.

Pay attention to your intuition and have a nice day.

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