Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Need to Know This

Enjoying your Friday? Here, it's a holiday weekend for many.

Also, do you know that today (in the States and Canada) is Black Friday. For our intl. readers, what is this? It's basically a corporate gimmick to line up in front of a store betwee midnight to 5 a.m. Then, be the first one out of say 500 people to get into the store and buy something for roughly 30 to 50% off.

Why do people do this? If it's a movie or a new Apple store, that's one thing. Personally, we wouldn't come to the new Apple store unless Steve Jobs was there and paid us to come in. First it's in the States. Now, it's in Canada as well. Is this covered under the Free Trade Agreement? Somebody call Obama.

Meanwhile, we're still paying attention to subtle signs to try and cope with symptoms. Acidic stuff is still 95% out. We still have to edit as well. If we don't, it's too much to handle. We go back to the feeling that we're the only ones who get the whole picture.

Instead, we just stick to our small niche and work there. Do you have to read/watch/listen to this? If not, then try something else. In our case, we're actually saving some money by not going into triggering places. You just go elsewhere.

Now, if you live in a tiny village in northwestern China, this could be a challenge. Despite that, we've found that it is possible. The idea is to protect your balance by going to positive stimulus. What that is is up to you.

Tip for the day. Try to give yourself something nice every day because you're dealing with your trauma. How much it costs doesn't matter. The idea is to be as nice to yourself as you can.

We're staying in tonight.

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