Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to Vote

Happy Mid-Term Election Day (depending on your point of view). The corporate MSM is essntially filling time until it's done. The key points?

The evil neocons will win back control of Congress
Obama will be a one-term President
The markets will have a one-day run. Then, the same boring stuff

What are they NOT saying? The cost of these elections is roughly $3.5 billion. In a global depression. Almost nobody's giving it a second thought.

Based on that, we decided to protest by not voting. There's no viable third party candidate. So why vote for someone you disagree with because "it's the lesser of two evils"? Also, it doesn't bother anyone that nothing will get done for the next two years. As if anything ever does get done?

As for symptoms, we went to see our SSI contact. His suggestions? Get someone else to pay your bills, go on food stamps and work a limited number of hours. We've always paid our bills. We have no debt. Now, we go on food stamps and have no control over our life? We have a problem with that.

We'll take a break and think this thru. Human emotions aren't like a light switch. Especially for trauma survivors.

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