Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suggestions for You

Just heard from some of our global sources that it's still a very triggering environment. Lots of problems and lots of people exploiting others' fears about these.

What should you do? Our suggestion is to shut off as much as possible. One reason? Do you seriously think that the leaders in your country are going to tell you the truth about (fill in the blank with a key issue)? Law of Politics #1: keep your job at all costs.

This means lots of "official govt. statistics", reports, "experts" and others to reassure us (lie) that it's all ok.

Well, it's not.

This means that like it or not, you have to question everything. Use the most reputable sources you can. Then, make the best judgement about how to act.

For trauma survivors, it's even harder because who can you trust?

Once again, stay away from all of it unless you have to look. Really, you're not missing anything.

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